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Why don’t you serve more meat options?

We do not have a wide selection of meat at SaladStop! due to its negative impact on the environment, as well as high carbon footprint.

What are the prawns and grilled chicken marinated with?

All our meats, seafood, and patties are marinated in-house with herbs and spices in order to preserve their freshness.

Do you wash all of your products?

All our greens are thoroughly washed and sanitized using food-grade sanitizers before being served.

Why do you use plastic in your outlets?

Most of the plastic (cutlery and packaging) used in our stores are biodegradable.

Do you have gluten-free tortilla wraps?

Unfortunately, not yet. We are working on finding a healthy source of gluten-free wraps.

Do you use MSG at SaladStop!?

SaladStop! is free from MSG, artificial colouring, preservatives and taste enhancers.

What type of oil do you use in the your selection of dressings?

All our dressings are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sesame Oil.

Are your ingredients organic?

Although the raw materials are sourced out from reputable suppliers, not all ingredients are declared to be organic.

Do you wash all of your greens?

All our lettuce is triple-washed and dried in industrial spinners. Our partners uphold the highest hygiene standards, and all products are delivered in refrigerated trucks and stored in large cold rooms to ensure ultimate freshness, moisture, and texture. 

Are the falafels and veggie patties baked or fried?

The falafels are baked and then fried. The veggie patties are baked. 


Can I specify my preference for the amount of dressing included in my salad?

Yes! You can specify the amount of dressing (a little, the usual, more) and even the chopping (chunky, the usual, fine). Just let our friendly salad artists know.

How do I order?

You can choose from our Signature or Classic salads and wraps or Warm Grain Bowls, or opt to Create-Your-Own salad or wrap using the ingredients available on our salad bar. We also have all-natural smoothies and grab n’ go treats.

How do I order order in advance?

You can call your preferred SaladStop! store to place an order in advance and give the pick-up time. We accept payments via (acceptable payment methods).

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver through GrabFood and FoodPanda. Please check with your preferred delivery app if your address is within the delivery radius. If your specified address is outside the coverage, you may also order for pick-up. Just call the branch nearest you to order in advance and give the pick-up time.

Can I mix dressings?

Yes, you can mix dressings. Our Salad Artist will be happy to recommend and give you feedback about our selection of dressings.


What’s the healthy amount of dressing in a salad?

While we understand that our customers have different preferences, we recommend using only 30g of dressing in each salad. Just mention to our salad artists that you prefer to have “a little” dressing in your order.

Does your tortilla wrap contain egg?

No. Our wraps do not contain any eggs, peanuts, milk, crustacean, or tree nuts.

What if I have a food-related allergy?

You may inform our Salad Artist of your allergy upon ordering and request for a fresh chopping board for your salad. While we make every effort to prevent cross-contamination in our kitchens, we cannot guarantee that any food item we make is 100% FREE of any specific allergen.

Do you use low-fat mayo in the dressings?

We do not use low-fat mayo.

What is your lowest-calorie dressing?

Our Carrot Ginger dressing has the lowest calories with 72.6kcal per serving.

Are the bread sticks and crackers gluten-free or vegetarian? Do they contain egg?

The breadsticks and crackers are NOT gluten-free. They are Vegetarian, but NOT Vegan as they contain egg.

Which cheese is suitable for Vegetarians?

All cheeses at SaladStop! are suitable for Vegetarians.

I am a Vegan. Which of your signature salads or quinoa bowls do not contain egg?

Our Go Geisha salad and wrap is suitable for Vegans.

Do you cater to Vegetarians and Vegan?

Yes! Choose from our menu items with the Vegetarian or Vegan legend, or Create-Your-Own salad or wrap using your preferred ingredients. You may also request for a fresh chopping board, should you prefer.

What is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

Vegan is without any animal products (no dairy, egg, mayonnaise, honey, meat, or fish), while Vegetarian is without meat and fish (no live animal – beef, pork, poultry, or fish).

What are the calories in each particular ingredient?

Please refer to the Nutrition section of our website for the nutritional information of our menu. You can also use the Create-Your-Own option to compute your very own nutritional information.

Daily Bowls

What are the available subscriptions?

We’ve got 2 meal plans for you! The 3-day plan (M-W-F) should be a good starting point, with pricing from P1,135. Our 5-day plan will give you the full Daily Bowls experience from Monday to Friday, which starts at P1,865. We’ve already included the delivery fees in the pricing, but additional fees may apply for long distance deliveries. For more information, visit saladstop.pickup.ph.

What’s on the menu?

You will find our Signature wraps and salads, and our filling Warm Protein Bowls on the menu. We’ve also got new Exclusive items for you, with The Refresher, Homemade Quinoa Patty, High Protein, and Balsamic Beetroot, all carefully crafted just for you! Add to cart as well some of our healthy desserts – Mango Muesli, Strawberry Banana Muesli, and Chocolate Chia Pudding.

What is Daily Bowls by SaladStop!?

Daily Bowls by SaladStop! is our subscription plan made better! Enhanced to provide you with a choice menu of tasty and nutrient-rich meals, we have also streamlined the ordering and delivery process for you, for a more convenient and friendly customer experience. All you need to do is just go saladstop.pickup.ph, subscribe to our meal plans and just wait at home for delivery. All fuss-free!